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Play my surreal moon game ! (mobile friendly)
Rest In Peace, my haunted house card game
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navigate a boat around obstacles, tiny tiny 2D game developed for an education NGO. Written in Bacon, an amazing library. If only I had time, I'd turn it into SpyHunter. (mobile friendly)
1978 text game updated to C# and JavaScript (mobile friendly)
contribution to Coding Horror
jason's music and recording ⫽ Materialization.io


2024: Feb 1
I've joined the fediverse! Say "hi"

2024: Jan 28
I'm featured in Magpies Magazine with my friend Pat Lambe.
"An Anchored Friendship is a beautiful recording collaboration made by author/artist Pat Lambe and composer Jason Bonthron. This neo-noir short story features the Iowa State Police, a displaced bounty hunter, a broken farmer, and his local cop acquaintance caught in a Mexican stand-off in a gasoline-soaked corn field. Excessive drinking and an overzealous rookie armed with a brand-new 55-caliber sniper rifle aren't helping the situation."

"Like all good noir, this is about so much more than the plot itself. This story is about dark and light, ice and fire, strength and frailty. The finely observed details speak to us of friendship, memory, hopes, regrets, duty, and the way life passes at its own incomprehensible pace following its own incomprehensible rules. Jason Bonthron's perfectly measured score adds a depth of resigned melancholy to the proceedings."

2023: Dec 1
I've left GitHub. I've moved to sourcehut !
Sr.ht is for hackers. No tracking. No advertising. 100% free and open source. Open financials. A complete suite of tools and the most minimal UI on the planet!

2023: Nov 30
My new recording séance has been released!
In 1848, two teenage girls, Kate and Maggie Fox began to communicate with the dead by means of mysterious knocking sounds. Two years later, they were giving hundreds of séances in New York City and were performing for the most prominent Americans of the antebellum period. Séance is a short piece for an electroacoustic chamber ensemble.
Produced by John Sonntag.

2023: Sept 8
Website re-design. Time for a new coat of paint.